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We can help youQuestions about Thailand transport

  • How long does the transport to / from Thailand take?

    The pure travel time from port to port is about 4 weeks. Departures are weekly. Please also take into account a certain amount of time for customs clearance, especially in Thailand.

  • What goods do you not transport and can I not ship?

    We do not accept hazardous goods such as lacquers, paints, oils, etc.

    Also excluded from transport are firearms, alcohol or fresh food.

    Caution with religious motifs and antiques. When exporting from Thailand, we have to submit export licenses for antique items.

  • How far in advance do I need to book?

    The sooner you book, the better. The freight rates vary and we can confirm the costs 2 months before shipment.

    In the case of short-term orders (less than one week) bottlenecks can occur in the provision of containers.

  • Do you provide a pick-up and delivery service?

    Yes, collections are available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In Thailand, deliveries and collections are also available nationwide.

  • What container sizes are there?

    There are 20 ', 40' and 40 ' high cube (higher) containers. The respective dimensions can be found under


    Please note the interior dimensions and the door height.

  • Can I load myself? If so, how much time do I have?

    You are always allowed to load yourself. You have 2 hours time at no extra charge.

    There is the possibility of a "weekend provision": The container will, for example, be delivered to you on Friday and picked up again on Monday.

    Please note that the container remains on the truck chassis and can only be set down at an extra charge. You have a loading edge of over 100cm.

  • Do you offer packaging material?

    Unfortunately it is too expensive if we send you packing material so that you can buy the necessary cartons, pallets, foils and other packaging material eg in the hardware store.

  • Under what conditions is duty-free importation possible?

    to Thailand:

    Thais who return to Thailand after a stay abroad are usually given a duty-free import.

    EU citizens need a working visa for free import. Contrary to widespread opinion, the so-called "Rentnervisa" "O" do not entitle to duty-free imports. In order to avoid the breakdown of the respective items and parts, a flat-rate customs clearance can also be carried out. We will advise you accordingly.

    To Europe:
    You will need the following documents for duty-free admission as household effects:

    copy of your passport (1st page and visa)
    Table of contents
    Proof of at least 1 year stay in Thailand

  • What is a consolidated container load?

    We regularly rent containers on the route Bremen-Bangkok and vice versa and calculate the freight costs according to the volume in cbm. So you benefit from comparatively inexpensive rates for additional cargo without ordering your own container.

    Here, too, we offer the collection and delivery, but only of sufficiently packed items.

  • Is my shipment insured?

    The liability of the freight forwarder is limited by fault and with maximum liability limits. To close the cover gap, we recommend insurance against all risks (damage) or only against loss (stranding) on the basis of DTV 2000/2008.

    For current premium rates, please refer to the respective offer.

  • Can I take my vehicle to Thailand?

    We would be pleased to meet the numerous requests for vehicle transports to Thailand, however, the import, even temporary, is almost impossible. The import of cars to stay in Thailand is taxed at over 300% and is subject to approval. No import permits are issued for private individuals.

    Meanwhile, even the temporary importation of tourist vehicles, campers over 3.5 tons, is prohibited for entry at land crossings. For all other vehicles, an approval must be applied for and the departure has to take place at the same border crossing as for the entry. Thailand is no longer a transit country.

  • How do I pay and which payment methods do you accept?

    Invoices are due after transmission of the freight documents. We prefer a bank transfer. EC, - or credit card payments are not possible.

  • What kind of transport does Pangaea Cargo offer?

    Depending on the requirements, the extent of the consignment or cost factors, we recommend a separate container, the cargo as groupage or air transport.

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of each type of transport?

    Basically the following applies: the faster the more expensive. However, airfreight is not suitable for all goods and is not in proportion to the costs of relocation goods.
    If additional cargo in a consolidated container or an own container is advisable, depends on the total volume of the consignment, whether you want to load and unload yourself and on the itinerary. Our transport consultants will find the optimal transport route for you.

  • Do you also transport household effects?

    The shipment of household items as part of a move is the focus of our activities related to Thailand. Migrants benefit from our many years of experience and appreciate our individual service, geared to private clients.

    In the modular system, you can have your offer compiled individually and decide whether the consignment is to be packaged and picked up, or whether you will carry out individual services yourself. As a result of our expertise in importing into Thailand, also furniture forwarders are among our customers.

  • Is it possible to have my moving goods professionally packed?

    If you prefer a packing service, we can offer you, in cooperation with furniture forwarders, a free and non-committal inspection by a furniture packer on the basis of which we will create a tailor-made offer.

    In Thailand, this service is also available in almost all regions.

  • How long have you been offering Thailand transports?

    Pangaea Cargo has been dealing with the transport of resettlement goods and merchandise to Thailand since 2007 and has been working successfully and reliably with the same partner in Thailand since day one.

  • How do I make a transport request?

    On this website you will find online inquiry forms, which will be sent to us immediately and will be answered as soon as possible. You will receive an acknowledgment of receipt.

    We also provide telephone information, however, we ask for your understanding that we only provide offers and prices in writing.

  • Are inquiries and your offer free of charge?

    Yes, our offers are free of charge.

  • How long is the offer valid?

    Our offers are based on current freight rates and tariffs of shipping companies involved, hauliers and other possible services and are partially subject to exchange rate fluctuations. Our offers are therefore always subject to change and will be confirmed or adjusted upon receipt of order.

  • When will I receive the transport invoice?

    Invoicing takes place after collection or provision of the container or your shipment.

  • Who do I contact if I have questions?

    We are available Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm by telephone and email.

    Questions concerning conditions and prices are answered by our sales team. Once you have placed an order, the person responsible guides you through the process and keeps you informed.

  • Can the order be postponed at short notice?

    This is easily possible for consolidated container loads. For full container bookings or when a moving date with personnel provision has been booked, costs can be incurred if this order is postponed at short notice.

  • My employer bears the costs. Will you make out the invoice to him / her?

    On request, we will submit the offer to your employer, who will then confirm the assumption of costs.

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